Thrace – the cradle of human civilization

Knowing who you are as well as not doubting him is your best stamina.

The power, the power of our beginnings, can once more make us a country of popularity as well as expression as our ancestors were.

Akkad. Tsvetan

Overview is the author of the fifth publication of the series “Thracian letter deciphered”, with the subtitle “The Mysteries of Samothrace and the runic Publication of Keys”.

He is director of the Institute of Transcendental Scientific research, author of guide “The Thracian orphism for advanced “, bro, co-author and also partner of Dr. Stefan Overview– The linguist who reviewed the Thracian alphabet, and also the author of the collection “Thracian Letter Decoded” in 4 volumes.

The studies of the Overview bros on the Thracian alphabet, language, culture and also beginning of the Bulgarians show that the Thracians had their own letter, which was used by the priests and come before by two thousand years Egyptian.

“The Thracian letter translated– V” Introduces us to the current as well as spectacular discoveries of the Institute of Transcedentâlna Scientific research for the language and writing of our God-chosen individuals, with the old expertise of our ancestors, exposing the secrets that relocate the world and the events in It.

It exposes one of the most ancient regulations of the Patriarch Orpheus, composed with spiritual runes on one of the most ancient artifacts. He additionally reveals the runic system of “fish letter” From Samothraki Island, whereby the reader passes through right into the enigmas of the Orphic school.

One of the biggest collections of thracian artifacts which are dating from 4 000 BC to the 6th century AD is owned by Mr. Vasil Bojkov

– We owe you a huge appreciation and gratitude of your scientific tandem with your bro, Akad. Guide, since you two have actually revealed to us the unbelievably high spiritual degree of development of our Thracians forefathers, their extremely abstract philosophical views and the unexpected heights flights of their thought …

-Together we experienced all the explorations as well as looks into, the posting of guides, the drafting of the fonts, the layout and also their computer processes. We are likewise preparers of thrilling collections with historical records and also records “Thracian narrates” and also “Thracian messages”, which expose old resources of our background, permitting us to attract info concerning our forefathers from what they have created. Not by their adversaries, alien intruders, or neighbours.

From these records it becomes clear that the Bulgarians are neither the tobins nor the Mongols, however the indigenous population, occupying our lands for a very long time, as separate groups have migrated and also returned once more to their homeland.

These sacred works, along with the reading of the artifacts left by our ancestors, also clarify the web links in the spiritual customs of our lands, the continuity between the old Traci-Bulgarian confidence as well as the New Testimony theology, between the old Orphic enigmas and Rites in the Christian cult. These traditions are acquired from the Bogomils, which go into the depths of magical Christianity.

And also with the linguistic relative analysis of the Thracian letter, preceded by centuries of the summeranic and Egyptian engravings, along with the most current DNA research study, it is proved that genetically and linguistically we Bulgarians are heirs of the Thracians.

They also confirm that the most ancient writing is the Thracian which ancient Thrace is the cradle of human people.

In 2004 was founded a non-profit organization with the name “Thrace Foundation“, it’s mission is to defend the cultural and historical heritage of bulgarian history and traditions.

– And the foundations of this succession, maintained by the Scriptures, matured, as well as today’s Christianity started as an extremely old cult …

– Without a doubt, it is very a lot the function of composing, since it is just one of the most crucial indicators of civilization of an individuals. Via all of its equally enriching versions, our forefathers have actually betrayed the old understanding of the natural right within guy, the blessing and also destructive in it, the regulations that relocate the world as well as being.

They recognized to attach with the Divine via the mysteries of the heros, the middlemans between heaven as well as earth, for them additionally composed in “The discovery of Ioana”, covered the 7 Thracian churches in Asia Minor. There is additionally stated regarding Romfairy Distomos (the two-mouths Thracian sword of the word that comes out of the mouth of Christ).

Christ also came as a Thracian heros, cyclist to link both globes and increase male. His mystery is how the divine can go into the male and the human in the divine. The adjustment of our present life will certainly start from our return to the primal Word, at the origins of our substantial tree of background, which is so terrific and leafless and with lots of fruits as deep as its roots.

This will certainly additionally break the degradation that started with the loss of link with the spirit of our ancestors. It will also concern the awareness, the realization of the function of “God-elect” and “consecrated”, a Bulgarian people who will establish the training course of history for future generations, will improve our spiritual culture and will lead to our universal Success.

-And it’s been revealed so much back in time …

-Currently in the ancient Thracian chronicle “Nasi “, authored by Thracian Minister Hasbrozelm, outlining the era of the United Thracian kingdom in the Oririan dynasty, for the very first time pointed out the word for the general God “.

This period refers to the written background of the Bulgarian people, dating back to the moment of the Oririan king teres, i.e. 2500 years ago. As well as in this figure does not also consist of the older oral springtimes, which increased it to 6000 years.

“Guide of Adam” talks of our land “Mizia”– The location where the cave was, the initial home of the first individuals. Not remarkably in the cave “Kozarnica” in Northern Bulgaria (Mizia) were found one of the most ancient signs left by human hand on our continent.

-What is this power of speech, the language, that they are so vital to us and also to the world?

-They are a synthesis, symbolic understanding, motivated by the maker as an extremely wonderful opportunity for co-creation. The first breath that God inspires male belongs to air as well as to speech. He has actually provided us an item of his photo as well as his likeness.

And also as this likeness descends evolutionally downward with an imaginative improvement, after that it can evolve back to its original source. This magnificent jet has actually pierced its way, it has actually been created, and it has actually ended up being a principle of excellent imaginative transformations.

-Our wonderful forefathers, the Thracians, had this power and showed it …

-Her external expression remains in the “Anha” (Onha)-The rod of the priest, representing the “life in the speech”. As well as words of the app. Paul “We are moving as well as exist in God” illustrate the general recognition and immersion in deep space by word. For our forefathers, the language was called and the symptom of one of the most dazzling, undetectable pressures and also significances.

On the cover of the remarkably studied by my brother, Dr. Stefan Guide, the approved scriptures of the priests’ elite of the Bessi– “Besica” (” bible bešoj “), held in the London Library, created: “At first was the scripture (Pisaji, i.e. the word), and the scripture remained in God’s name. “.

The Boyana Holy Bible “Besica “, the original of today’s Scriptures, is called hence by the name of the Boharan dialect, which was written, later on “Beauhar” of Bulgarian enter “Bugar”, thus the name “Bugari “.

The pictograms are discovered on our land and also dated from 5.0-6. BC, the words’ ar-heh’ and also’ Pisaji’ are utilized (endless time and word). The “AR-heh” In the Thracians is an infinity proportionate with time, meaning “The synchronised” of infinity, entrance into time/space, tipping into the globe. Through it, time is moving in limitations, and in the Infinite Globe. In other words, it belongs to the Bogrov.

-There is no way and also recognizing your beginnings not to think that the transformations, the modifications to great are made through the divine Word, via the magnificent utterance …

-The Thracians made use of words “sho-pe” (“What-was “) to utilize as well as currently, they recognized that everything was developed via him, via the one who alone developed himself. All other spiritual writings say that God created the globe out of nowhere, as well as the Thracian Bible that God created the world by himself, being a lonesome self-formed personality.

This is quite typical of the Orphic teaching of emanations and makeovers. That is why in the Thracians God was triunified, with three people originating in different means. Later on this teaching was introduced by a Thracian pope and also in Rome, going into the Catholic Church, Orthodox Christianity as well as all Christian churches.

-It is all-natural in conclusion that a people with so much consecrated in the divine teachings, with such great understanding of the enigmas of the building, can not have a written system to express as well as communicate to the generations …

Fully. As much as it can be seen on some inappropriate. Specifically to those who have restored and preinačiha the truth concerning our forefathers– the holders of the immortal-Bulgarian understanding. To those who desired to time-out our self-confidence and our nationwide pride. They need to have counted on the fact that our old background has surpassed our existing regrettable self-confidence as a people, that we will certainly not wish to remember it.

However the being of falsehood takes area only by parasitizing on the truth. And in spite of the undying hungers to the Bulgarian social heritage and to our spiritual land, despite the need of some circles to debreed our individuals with the nihilist historiography, positioning the Bulgarians in the function of barbarians and slaves, will adhere to another Recognizing as well as recognition of our past.

-Yet it likewise describes the great obligation needed in the deal with our provided magnificent innovation of speech, of speech …

-Yes, her popular toughness agrees to be careful exactly how she uses it. This puts on today’s Bulgarian is a Zyk, which is a by-product of our spiritual very first language. We have to not neglect that with him we can injure as well as heal. That he leads us to the gratification of the talked, to the blessings, but to menstruations.

Allow’s bear in mind that expressing him in action is also a word. With it we determine who we are, our lives, and what will certainly occur in it. And as we progressively participate in the spirit of our ancestors, in his terrific enigma and enigmas, and as we establish into it, we end up being much more perfect. We are regarding to realize that we are what we assume, think, talk and also act. And to discover their endless concealed possibilities.

-It’s excellent that you are bring this expertise, hidden in the collection “Thracian letter translated” in much of our cities, a lot of our libraries. Not together, Mnemmozina, the goddess of memory, is also the mom of the 9 Muses …

-The very first libraries have appreciated wonderful esteem. Their details media got on various things, bones … And also those of clay floor tiles are particularly sacred, since they contain the 4 components (Planet, water, fire, air) and symbolize the magic act of alighting words into the planet (clay) to produce life.

The scribes were a kind of a theological, a co-creator via creativity. As a result, the images of Orpheus, who is well-versed in the living and also motionless nature with the components, with his songs and also his word, have visualized in an enchanting way the power of the primal spiritual truth obtained by Misterijnoto summoning words. By mastering the designer’s co-creation modern technologies.

This is extremely similar to the manner in which the initial Adam, prior to the fall, ruled the living as well as motionless nature with the original language and also provided names to all beings. The launches Thracian priests additionally ruled the relationships between the outer as well as the inner world, in between micro-and Macrocosmos.

The arts additionally promote such mediation harmonisation. That is why we at Academic community “Orphica” combine the different categories and shapes in society and also art, we unify these bearers of the greater ideas and realities, rooted in the actual nature of our presence.

The future education as well as training of teens will also be developed on this base. Through their very own existential possibilities, which after their advancement will certainly have the ability to cultivate, ennoze and make the area as well as time. In addition to please the timeless and cherished wishings of guy for appeal, truth as well as internal light.

And also this is starting to inform me as a spiritual taking place …

-It comes to be feasible by exposing deep within us the foundational realities of our origin, our spiritual identification, and also our function in the background of humanity. Since, as they state in the trailer of “Thracian chronicles “, “To recognize who you are and not to question it, is the greatest pressure where all your abilities, high qualities as well as setting are obtained”.

And also as beneficiaries of the Aryas, the Guardians of the Divine mysteries of Thrace, we need to know that we are as well as to be strong in thought, word as well as act. For this power has the power to make us once again a country of glory and also words as our forefathers were.