runes of thrace

There come days when the hidden and buried holy runes of Thrace resurrect from the Ashes like the Phoenix, to marvel at the one who seeks, to be amazed and delighted and to kingdoms above all, for every sacred word comes to reign over all things. In these runes is hidden the key to the power and divinity of the Thracians-the Holy people, the founder of the most ancient human civilization, who first covenanted with the Triune God and whose heirs continue to keep to this day the mighty words by which they know The truth and reign with the crown and rod of righteousness in this world and hereafter.

The resurrection of the golden runes of Thrace became possible thanks to the research and discoveries of Dr. Stefan Guide, who read the Thracian alphabet – the most ancient in the world. These revelations have shown that knowing and honoring God’s Word Jesus Christ as the creator of everything visibly and invisibly exists since there are people, and is initially enshrined in man, in language and thinking. They showed the Christian roots of the first human civilization – the Thracian, and hence the human civilization in general, because of the reliance of the ancient texts, written in Thracian shaped signs dating back millennia before the new era, it became clear that Christianity is not from 2000 years ago, but it exists from the very creation of man and represents the primary way of thinking and behavior of humans, the genetically inherent model of the existence of mankind.

The ancient runes of Thrace show that all men are Christians by nature, inasmuch as they are created by God the word, and dwell in him and through him, as he is in them. This Thracian Christianity, however, is not secular Christianity, subordinate to the imperial authorities and manipulated by them, represented simply as one of the religions of the world, emerged as a result of the development of religious-philosophical thinking, but is the primordial faith of mankind, which is innate in all people, regardless of their religious or non-religious beliefs. For the foundation of all things is the word — the God word Jesus Christ, Dion — Jesus.

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