Mosaic Painting Dating Back to Byzantine Era Unearthed in Syria


The Syrian French archeological expedition working at the local stadium site in Manbij, Aleppo countryside, unearthed a big mosaic painting dating back to the Byzantine era and several walls built of limestone dating back to different historic Eras.Mosaic Painting in Syria

The site is thought to be a temple since it lies at the lowest part of the city, Director of archeological excavations at Aleppo Department of Archeology and Museum Yousef Kanjo said Thursday.

Kanjo added that the expedition works come in the framework of Aleppo Directorate of Museums plan to shed light, study and identify the history and antiquities of the city.

Initial evidences indicated the existence of important habitat periods in Manbij during the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic Eras.

The emergency excavations carried out by Aleppo Museums Directorate, over the past years, discovered baths and cemeteries dating to the Byzantine Era in the eastern part of the city, while excavations of the last year in the northeastern part of the city, unearthed a mosaic painting decorated with floral and fauna ornaments as well as water tunnels.